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      • Creation Food: Sustainable Excellence

        In March 1982 Creation Food took its first step in Taiwan by launching the Lian Coffee Creamer, bridging the communication gap between the food services industry and the consumer. For the past three decades, we have persisted in the core belief of “Food Business is also Business with a conscience ” and relentlessly strived to establish a foothold in the food services industry, so as to develop five major competitive advantages, such as outstanding production processes, renowned brands, diverse products, comprehensive logistics and exquisite services. Our objective is to satisfy our clients’ expectations and needs, in turn becoming their best business partner.
        "Integrity, Conscientiousness, Gratefulness, Efficiency and Innovation" are the five major guiding principles of enterprise culture and working attitude at Creation Food. For many years, we have dedicated ourselves to “Product R&D and Expertise” to pursue innovation; we have always believed in the concept of “the customer is always right” and abided by the management philosophy of “our clients’ success is vital to our success” in order to materialize realize our commitment to creating a better life with our clients!

        Quality Comes First: Industry Leader

        Creation Food features a professional R&D team, an automated production facility, and a safe production process which surpasses all standards. Since the Lian Coffee Creamer, we introduced the first aseptic filler in Taiwan from Europe, which applies ultra-high temperature sterilization and fully automated packaging. The strict, precise and standardized production process has received GMP accreditation for dairy cream products ahead of other manufacturers.  We specialize in the development and production of dairy products, coffee, fruit juice and sugar products, our production process has also received international quality and food safety accreditations, such as HACCP, ISO9001, and ISO22000.
        In the process of establishing the first large-scale coffee factory in Taiwan, we brought in the most advanced, computer automated roaster from Europe with over 300 production procedures.  Furthermore, coffee beans are stored in a constant temperature environment to ensure absolute food safety and quality control.

        Listening to Needs: Grasping the Latest Trends

        With three decades of persistence and passion towards food, we constantly research and develop products that cater to the market trends; meanwhile, we also gradually introduced globally prominent agency brands to offer our clients the most professional, best quality service and product, so as to fulfill the diverse market needs.
        We have recently been actively engaged in developing Creation Food’s own subsidiary brands “Lian” and “P.r.o. COFFEE,” where we have strengthened our R&D and technology advantage to create product differentiation, thereby hoping to segment and position the market with exquisite, high-quality products -- ultimately enhancing the enterprise’s competitive edge.

        Creative Value: Building Dreams Upon Solid Ground

        Creation Food possess abundant experience in the food services industry, we have also had the three major advantages of directly-owned stores throughout Taiwan, several hundred expert sales personnel, and sophisticated logistics. Our clients include major hotels, restaurants, fast-food restaurants, aviation and high speed rail (HSR) services, chain beverage/coffee stores, western pastry and  retail channels, etc.  We offer the most comprehensive education, training and after sales services in order to satisfy the market needs and create new value for our clients.

        Create a better life with you

        Since founded in 1982, Creation Food has persisted in establishing a foothold in the Taiwanese market and providing our clients with the highest-quality products and services. Furthermore, we have established a nationwide logistics network and accumulated over three decades of abundant experience in the food services industry. At the same time, we have also actively established business locations in China and abroad in order to market our own brands in the Greater China and global markets.
        In the future, we will persist in the spirit of constantly seeking refinement so as to exert our team advantage and competitiveness; in addition, we will develop enterprise diversification and internationalization to satisfy a greater market need and share our accomplishments with you!