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    The Shanghai Creation Trading Co., Ltd. was developed from the initial Shanghai Kaitai Foods Co., Ltd. set up in 1996. Through the expansion, Shanghai Creation Trading was transformed from a general foodstuff trader to a completely independent trading company. With our commitment in quality and service, Shanghai Creation Trading expanded its business from coffee products to a wide range of fine foodstuff and supply. With automated production and state-of-art facilities, we are now a supplier of a diversified range of products for the mass market. “The best for you”, we uphold our model to bring you quality foodstuff and supply, as well as equipments and consultation. In addition to the distributorship for an array of international brands, Shanghai Creation Trading is also involved in product development, aiming to bring a wider range of products for the different needs of our customers.

    To meet the diversified needs of our customers, Shanghai Creation Trading’s pursuit of excellence is manifested in its continuous development and innovation for new products. We strive to bring our customers the best products and services. Currently, Shanghai Creation Trading has developed a series of proprietary products, including Cofé Cream, coffee, sweetener, fresh cream, fructose, tea beverage, instant mixes, and smoothie products. Shanghai Creation Trading is also a distributor for a wide range of product from renowned international manufacturers. Customer satisfaction is the driving force behind our pursuit for excellence. Shanghai Creation Trading strives to bring rich flavors into the lives of our customers.

    Currently, Shanghai Creation Trading has a solid base of clientele in the different fields, including restaurants, high-end hotels, fast food restaurants, gourmet coffee shops, pastry shops, supermarkets, hypermarkets, and convenient stores. The preferred taste of Cofé Cream and coffee has also traveled to the world with the flights of China Eastern Air, Shanghai Air, Eva Airlines, and China Airlines.

    In the booming food and beverage market of Taiwan, Shanghai Creation Trading strives to become the leader in the foodstuff and supply industry through our dedication to service and quality. Customer satisfaction is the force driving us forward and the goal in our pursuit for excellence.