• Certification Responsibility

  • P.r.o COFFEE- A Pursuit for a Cup of Perfect Coffee

    Creation’s coffee graders visit the world’s best highland plantations in person to select the beans with the best aroma, flavor, and taste with the international cupping standards. P.r.o coffee beans are produced under the world’s most advanced roasting technologies through over 300 procedures in the most advanced and fully automated roasting facilities, and the quality is strictly controlled by a team of SCAA quality graders and cupping judges. The charming and unique flavor of the finely select beans is then preserved in a temperature controlled environment to ensure maximum food safety and quality.

  • Creation cares


      • ACS coffee grader


        Creation Food features the first Chinese cupper register with ACS Classificador e Degustador de Café credentials; she often personally visits the world’s best high mountain estates and applies international cupping criteria to select the most aromatic, pure, and aftertaste coffee beans.

      • SCAA quality grader and cupping judge


        Licensed Q grader certificate and certified cupping judge by Specialty Coffee Association of America(SCAA).