• Child welfare Responsibility

  • Creation Food joined the outreach program of the Child Welfare League Foundation in 2009 and launched the “Deliver Happiness”

    According to the Ministry of Education, at least 240,000 children in Taiwan do not have the money to pay for their school lunch, and 65% of the under privileged school children have insufficient milk intake. These children need our attention.
    Creation Milk is manufactured from the precious A class Jersey cattle through the most advanced industrial facilities. Milk of the Jersey cattle contains a higher concentration of quality milk protein and fat. Such excellent nutritional content makes it perfect for growing children.
    Creation joined the Child Welfare League Foundation (CWLF) in its outreach program and launched the “Deliver Happiness” milk drive campaign to bring the children in remote townships the nutrition they need during their growing years. Creation Food invited the famous travel show host, Janet, to be the spokesperson of this campaign, and a short film was shot at Hualien’s Sanzhan Elementary School. This is a campaign film showing how a simple act of sharing and giving can bring blossoming smiles to the truest hearts of children. We invite you to join us in this campaign. As the initiator, Creation Food took the lead to donate 4,000 boxes of milk and set up a website dedicated to this milk drive. Successively, we have received donations of over 30,000 boxes (936ml/box) and delivered the nutritious milk to the children in the remote country. The campaign continues and we need your support. Log on to the website below and make a milk donation today.
    Milk Drive Website: http://www.creation-milk.com.tw